Five floral design ideas for your Blinds this Spring

Floral designs

Spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer. It’s now the time to hide away your Winter throws and furry cushions and open your windows to the glorious sunshine, while it lasts.

Many people during this season choose to do simple re-decorating for their homes to embrace the spring energy and boost their mood. This could be any thing like removing a rug, replacing the cushions, hanging new mirrors or buying a new sofa or a coffee table. There are many things you can do to refresh the look of your home, but our favourite is getting new Blinds. Here are five great ideas for beautiful floral Blinds to add the Spring spirit to your room:

1- Gold Floral Roman Blinds:

Gold colour stands for illumination, love, passion and magic. It’s a great colour for a Spring looking room. Choose gold Roman Blinds with cream floral patterns if you have a room with white, brown or natural oak furniture. Complete the look with solid gold curtains or gold curtains with a cream floral pattern as well.

Tip: If you want both Curtains and Blinds with patterns, it’s recommended to choose big patterns on the curtains and small patterns on the Blinds or vice versa, or else the room will look too busy.

Want to learn more about the science of patterns? Read our article “How to add trending patterns to your living room


floral blinds

2- Pink and green Floral Roman Blinds

This is one of our favourite looks for a Spring looking bedroom and it’s a very popular choice, especially for girls’ bedrooms. It goes well with white, brown or even black furniture and it will look fabulous with a pink bedspread and cushions!

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Fine floral patterns

3- Roller Blinds with bold patterns and vivid colours

Experience the positive impact of bold patterns if solid colours dominate in your room. Try colourful floral Roller Blinds with brown or cream coloured furniture and complete the look with cushions of the same colours but with no patterns.

4- Two-tone Roller Blinds

If you are not fan of lively colours and prefer something more pastel, choose two tone Roller Blinds; A main colour that should be neutral and light such as white, taupe or cream and a sub-colour which should be a darker shade of the first colour. For example, cream Roller Blinds with brown floral patterns or light lemon ones with gold floral patterns.

Two-tone Roller Blinds

5- Simple but exciting floral design

Here are two more examples of simple but exciting floral designs on Roller Blinds. Perfect for those who prefer simplicity but still want to add Spring energy to their homes.

In the first example, the designer used a white neutral blind with a few colourful butterflies to add a touch of whimsy, while in the second example the focus was to highlight the unique green colour of the blind and use neutral floral patterns to add a modern touch to the design.

exciting floral design

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