Smart Homes and Motorised Blinds

Smart homes and the idea of a connected house is becoming increasingly popular nowadays; everyone wants a home that can be controlled with the touch of a button. One of the interesting things that you can control with your smart phone is Blinds and Curtains. Thanks to new developments in technology, motorisation of Blinds and Curtains has become more affordable than ever.

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Curtains’ Tracks & Poles Buying Guide

Tracks and poles are essential parts of your curtains’ installation process. They are both used for hanging your curtains, however, they have a few differences that make one type preferable depending on the look you want. Read on to learn about these differences and find out which type is best suited to your home.

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Made to Measure or Ready-Made Curtains?

When choosing curtains for your home, one of the confusing options that you’ll face is whether you want made-to-measure or ready-made curtains. What’s the difference? And what more do made-to-measure curtains have to offer?

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Your A to Z guide of ‘Curtain Speak’ with Jeff Dale – the Shutter, Blind, and Curtain expert.

Need new curtains and don’t know what you want or what to discuss? Here is a list of definitions to help you.

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