The benefits of Blackout Curtains

Curtains have many benefits beside being beautiful decoration in your house. Some people buy them to maintain their privacy, especially during the night, others to control the amount of sunlight entering their room during the day.

If you’ve been looking to buy new curtains for your home, you must have already read about blackout curtains and wondered what makes them different and a little more expensive? Read on to learn everything you need to know about these curtains and if buying them is a good investment in your home.

Blackout curtains are made from woven and dense fabric like felt, velvet or suede. They can also be made by adding a blackout liner to regular curtains, creating the same effect of the blackout curtains. These curtains are usually used to prevent any sort of light, such as sunlight or street lights, from entering your room. They are particularly preferred in bedrooms to help create a dark and restful environment for better sleeping.

Here is what you need to know about these curtains:

Block the light: Light is very important to our health and wellbeing, but too much of it, especially at night, can cause more harm than good. Many recent studies have linked light at night with many illnesses including obesity, hormonal imbalance, increased blood pressure and glucose levels, not to mention the effect it has on your ability to think clearly and sleep well. People who work at night or have many night shifts are in increased danger of suffering from these health problems due to their unusual sleeping habits. Blackout curtains can solve these issues by creating a truly dark ambience in your room, whether by blocking sunlight during the day or street lights during the night, providing a better quality of sleep for your family and reducing these health problems.

Maintain the privacy: Window treatments in general provide different levels of privacy depending on your choice of fabric, colour and type. If you are shopping for curtains that provide the maximum level of privacy to keep prying eyes out of your home, then blackout curtains are your best bet. Their thick fabric will offer 100% privacy even at night making them the perfect choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Save on your energy bill: Your windows are responsible for up to 25% of the thermal energy loss in your house and hanging blackout curtains is an easy and cheap solution for this issue. The thick fabric of these curtains can trap the heat in and the cold weather out, letting you enjoy a warmer room for longer during the Winter and save on your energy bill.

Block the noise: some types of blackout curtains can block up to 40% of street noise. This feature can be important to people who work from home, live next to a main road or who live in a noisy neighbourhood.

Blackout VS thermal curtains? People usually mix up blackout and thermal curtains. Thermal curtains are designed to help keep the heat in your room. They are made from 100% cotton or wool, usually using two or three layers of heavy fabrics with a thick backing of insulate material and a polyester-film vapor barrier. They don’t, however, provide the same level of light and privacy control as true blackout curtains. Soft light can still filter through and shadows from the inside of your room can still be seen through your window at night.

Blackout curtains in Summer? Due to their ability to reduce heat loss during winter, people might think that blackout curtains are not the best choice for summer, but that’s not true. Their thick fabric will prevent the bright sunlight from entering the room and warming it up during summer, letting it stay cooler for longer. This feature is particularly beneficial in south-facing rooms which are usually flooded with sunlight for most of the day.

Styles and colours: Blackout curtains don’t need to be black. They come in many styles, fabrics and colours. In fact, you can even choose white blackout curtains as long as they have been made with a blackout lining.

Installation: Blackout curtains are installed in the same way as standard curtains. However, it’s recommended that you extend their length to 20 cm at each side of your window to ensure that all light is effectively blocked.

Cleaning and maintaining: Blackout curtains should not be washed or ironed. Clean any spot with a damp cloth only. You should also vacuum them at least once a month to avoid the build-up of dust.

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