Tips to reduce heat in your conservatory


The conservatory is a really beautiful extension to any home. It helps to increase the space of your downstairs rooms and adds more value to your property. It can also provide a wonderful view and plenty of sunlight that will definitely improve your mood and let you enjoy the most out of the summer season with your family.

However, if you have south-facing conservatory, then it’s more likely that you are facing a real overheating problem. The temperature inside your room can easily reach 30 or even 40 degrees Celsius during sunny days, making it a hell to live in. But don’t worry, you can still regulate its temperature with few tips and tricks. Read on to learn more about the top five methods that people here in UK use to reduce the heat in their conservatories, and which one is the best for you:

1- Ceiling or pedestal fans


So, we started with the easiest and most obvious choice that is usually used to cool down built-up heat inside any room. Ceiling or pedestal fans can be quite effective if what you’re looking for is just a cool breeze and a little bit of heat reduction. However, for the type of heat that could be trapped and stored in your conservatory during summer, fans will be running hopelessly all day long, spreading more heat inside your home and increasing your energy bill to no avail.

2- Conservatory window films:  

window films

Window films are thin materials which are applied directly to the glass of your conservatory windows and roof, either from the inside or outside. They are the perfect and effective choice for those who are looking to reduce the glare that enters their conservatory, as they can block up to 80% of the glare from the sun. This helps to create a more comfortable environment, in which you can watch TV or read a book without straining your eyes from the bright sun. However, when it comes to regulating the temperature, window films can only make the room slightly cooler, but will not solve the heat problem completely.

3- Blinds

Conservatory - Senses Mirage - Essence Moss

Well-fitted blinds, especially to the roof of your conservatory, can definitely make a difference in cooling down the blistering summer days, even by simple shading. This is due to the fact that most of the heat is gained and lost through the roof. But remember, you need to extend the blinds from early morning before the sun has the chance to build up the heat.

Conservatory blinds have many shapes and colours, from vertical and roman to pleated and venetian ones. Some are more effective than others, depending on the quality and thickness of their fabrics. Perfect fit blinds are currently the most popular choice for conservatories in UK. This is because they can be easily installed without the need to drill, hole or screw into the frame itself. They are available as venetian, pleated or cellular, and come in every colour imaginable. They also offer a cordless solution, making them ideal for homes with pets or children.

Blinds can not only enhance the thermal properties of your room, but also create a stunning contemporary décor and a welcoming atmosphere in your conservatory, while maintaining your privacy.

To help inspire you, here is a selection of beautiful, trendy conservatory blinds:


Conservatory Pics


LL_Pleated_Voile Cobalt_Main

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