What are Vision Blinds?

Vision Blinds (also called day and night blinds) are a new innovative addition to the blinds world. They consist of two layers of both opaque and translucent woven strips. The front layer moves independently of the back allowing the strips to glide between each other creating an open and close effect.

This clever mechanism allows you to fully control the amount of sunlight entering your room, while adding a contemporary beautiful touch to your home decoration.

So why choose Vision Blinds?

Vision blinds are very practical and easy to use. A single chain is used to slide the strips past each other and to raise and lower the blind to any height on your window with ease.  This allows you to filter and soften daylight, while maintaining the same level of privacy that a normal blind would offer.

Vision blind comes with a wide range of beautiful fabrics and attractive colours. It works well for a number of window shapes and sizes, and its innovative and contemporary design makes it look amazing in any space. It can also come with slightly thicker fabrics to block out more of the outside light, letting you enjoy a better night sleep in your bedroom.  Moreover, you can choose a motorised vision blind that you can simply control with the touch of a button!

The stylish and unique design of these Blinds makes them perfect for those who want to maintain their privacy and keep nosy neighbours away while at the same time have the option to fully control the amount of light entering their room. A must for those looking to bring a modern and contemporary touch to their room décor while enjoying the full functionality this window treatment offers.

Here are some fabulous vision blinds from our store to inspire you:

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