Three different Types of Awnings for Your Patio

Summer is finally here and many people are now busy setting up their outdoor space to take advantage of this beautiful sunny weather. One of the great options you have to transform the look and feel of your patio is to add a stylish awning.

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Benefits of Wooden Shutters

Window shutters have a very elegant and beautiful design that integrates easily with contemporary or traditionally styled homes. They also have many benefits that make them the favourite choice for many people.

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Smart Homes and Motorised Blinds

Smart homes and the idea of a connected house is becoming increasingly popular nowadays; everyone wants a home that can be controlled with the touch of a button. One of the interesting things that you can control with your smart phone is Blinds and Curtains. Thanks to new developments in technology, motorisation of Blinds and Curtains has become more affordable than ever.

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Tips to reduce heat in your conservatory

The conservatory is a really beautiful extension to any home. It helps to increase the space of your downstairs rooms and adds more value to your property. It can also provide a wonderful view and plenty of sunlight that will definitely improve your mood and let you enjoy the most out of the summer season with your family.

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Five floral design ideas for your Blinds this Spring

Spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer. It’s now the time to hide away your Winter throws and furry cushions and open your windows to the glorious sunshine, while it lasts.

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