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blue curtains

Blue is one of the favourite colours for this season. It’s a cool colour associated with tranquillity and calmness, which is why it’s been widely used in home interiors to create a cosy environment in which people can relax and enjoy a lovely time in their homes.

Blue is commonly used on wallpapers, furniture and window dressings. It can be used as the main dominating colour in the room or as an accent colour against other natural tones such as white, cream and blush. It can also be used with other vivid colours to create a fun and lively atmosphere, such as the combination of blue and bright yellow or blue and hot pink.

In short, you can never go wrong with a touch of blue in your home! Use it solely in its different shades and hues or mix it with other colours. It’ll always look beautiful!

If you are looking for some ideas to integrate this beautiful colour in your home, read on as we walk you through our favourite designs for this season.

Bring Your Room to Life!

Blue Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for a timeless colour that brings your room to life, look no more. It’s the blue!

Pick up your window blinds with this beautiful colour to immediately change the look and feel or any classic and boring room. As we manufacture the majority of our blinds, you can design your blinds the way you want to suit your own taste. You can mix different shades of blue to create an interesting and unique style, such as the beautiful Intu Metal Venetian Blinds in the photos below. Or stick to one shade and use it as the dominating colour in your room.

Blue Intu Metal Venetian Blinds

Patterns, Patterns and Yes, More Patterns.

Blue Roman Blinds

Patterns are brilliant not only in creating a unique and lovely style in your home, but also in making small spaces feel more spacious and big spaces feel fuller and more exciting. The rule of thumb is, small patterns should be used in small rooms, and big patterns in big rooms. However, if your big room is crowded with furniture, then you should stick to small patterns to make it look less crowded. On the other hand, if your small room is kind of empty and doesn’t have many elements in it, you can use big patterns to create a balance to it.

Curtains and Roman Blinds with Patterns

Blue Curtains and Roman Blinds With Patterns

The Power of Stripes.

Curtains and Roman Blinds with stripes

Whether you are aiming for a modern or traditional look, stripes are great to add a beautiful touch to your design and add a sense of order to your room. The great thing about strips is that they are versatile and add an immediate elegant touch to your room. They look great with solid colours, florals and other patterns. You can even mix vertical and horizontal strips together like in the photo above! In short, Strips can be used anywhere!

Blue and Yellow Curtains with stripes

Curtains with stripes

We’ve got a wide range of fabrics with the beautiful colour of blue in different shades and patterns. Perfect for Blinds, Curtains and Soft Furnishings. We offer a free home service allowing you to see fabric samples in your own home and will provide you with a no obligation quote. You can also visit our showroom at our factory in Wombwell, Barnsley to see our full range of products.

If you have any question or want a free quotation, just give us a call on: 01226 307367 or send us an email to:

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