Best Window Covering For Children’s Room

Best Window Covering For Children’s Room

In this blog, we outline the best types of window shutters and blinds for children’s rooms.

Your child’s bedroom should be a safe and fun place for them to play and learn. It should also be a quiet and calm place for them to get a good night’s sleep. The window covering is an important part of the room and should be chosen carefully.

Features To Look Out For When Dressing A Child’s Bedroom Window

When choosing a window dressing for your child’s bedroom or nursery, there are several features you should look out for:

  • Light Control – During the summer months, the sun stays up well past children’s bedtimes. This means you need a window dressing that is going to block out the daylight and create a dark, calm atmosphere for your child’s bedroom. Plus, you don’t want your child being woken up early due to the sun coming up!
  • Privacy Control – Privacy is paramount in the bedroom and the window dressing should be able to offer complete privacy. Many styles of blinds and shutters can provide privacy without blocking out the natural daylight, which is ideal during the day.
  • Noise Pollution – Some window dressings are excellent at providing noise insulation. This can be helpful if you live on a busy road or if cars regularly pass close by, waking up your little ones.
  • Maintenance Level – In a child’s bedroom, you need a window dressing that is easy to clean and maintain. Curtains are not the best choice as they need removing to clean. Whereas some blinds and shutters can simply be wiped down with a cloth to remove dust or dirt from sticky little hands.
  • Safety – The bedroom is one of the few places where children will be left alone, so it is crucial that the window dressing you choose is safe.
  • Style – Perhaps you want a colourful or fun patterned window dressing? Or you want something simple that will complement the ever-changing décor as your little one grows? Style should always be considered when choosing a window dressing.

Blackout Blinds For Children’s Rooms

Blackout Blinds are the go-to window dressing for bedrooms! They are made to measure using a high-quality blackout material and are fitted snugly to the window, successfully blocking out almost all light and creating a dark, peaceful atmosphere.

You can choose from Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds and Cassette Roller Blinds in a thick, high-quality blackout material that will minimise light and noise pollution. They are also available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours, so you can complement the décor in your child’s bedroom.

Our Top Pick – Blackout Roller Blinds for children’s rooms! They are simple to maintain and easy to clean. Plus, when open, they are tucked well out of the way meaning little hands can’t reach them.

Wooden Blinds For Children’s Rooms

Wooden or Faux Wooden Venetian blinds are a great choice for children’s bedrooms as they are easy to wipe down and maintain. They are sleek, stylish and available in a range of colours.

Wooden Blinds are particularly popular for older children and teens, as they complement any décor and will not need replacing when it comes to redecorating. They provide a neat and tidy finish whilst blocking out light and noise pollution.

Cordless Blinds For Children’s Rooms

If you have younger children, safety is paramount when choosing features for their bedroom. This is why cordless blinds for children’s rooms are a great option.

Cordless blinds eliminate the risk of possible hazards, such as becoming tangled in a cord or chain. They are usually operated by just pulling on the blinds themselves, or you can have the blinds motorised so that a cord is not required.

Alternatively, you can opt for Vertical Blinds, as these are operated by a mono wand, which makes it child safety compliant. The wand is used to open and close the blinds and can be twisted to adjust the louvres.

Or, if you have your heart set on a specific style of blind, you can have accessories fitted to ensure it is child-safe. Breakaway chain connectors, blind cleats, cord stops, and tensioners are all used to ensure that blinds are safe and cannot harm your child. Find out more about blind safety accessories here.

Window Shutters For Children’s Rooms

Window shutters are also an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Although more costly than blinds, Wooden Shutters are a durable, sturdy window dressing that will last a lifetime and can even increase the value of your home!

Full Height Shutters and Tier On Tier Shutters are by far the most popular types of shutters for bedrooms. They offer complete control over privacy and light as well as looking stylish. Tier On Tier Shutters are best suited to tall windows. Shutters are available in a range of colours and wood grain finishes.

They are easy to maintain and can be wiped clean. They block out a lot of light when closed and help block out noise pollution. Plus, shutters are excellent at maintaining heat and will keep your children’s bedroom warm and cosy during the winter months. Find out more about the types of shutters available here.

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Here at Express Shutters, Blinds & Curtains, we make outstanding tailormade window dressings including high-quality blinds for children’s rooms.

We can come to your home, measure your space and advise you on the very best options for a child’s bedroom or nursery. You can then choose from an array of designs and colours to create the perfect bespoke blinds.

We have an express turnaround service, meaning you can change the look of your home in no time at all. You might think Blinds and Shutters are expensive, but we pride ourselves on delivering quality and value. Get in touch to find out more.

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