Charming in Red!

Red Blinds and curtains

October is the perfect time to start making some changes to your home interior, introduce the rich and beautiful hues of Autumn and spice up your room before the holidays.

One of our favourite colours for this season is red; a vibrant and warm colour that brings happiness and positive energy in to any place. It has been frequently used in classic and contemporary designs to introduce a touch of youth, love and passion to a place while emphasising on the elegant character.

Do you want to integrate red in to your home?  Here are our favourite decorating ideas to help you create a cosy and charming room with the fiery layers of red!

Love the Patterns

The chilli roman blinds with patterns

Patterns are an important decorating element in any room. They help to perk up neutral colours and create a contrast that instantly draws the eye and make your room more interesting. Take this simple and beautiful floral Roman Blind for example. It brings the element of nostalgia to this classic looking room and creates a charming finish that you can’t resist falling in love with!

You can also choose to add patterns by reupholstering your old sofas, get new cushions or a new rug! Remember, choose one or two elements maximum to change in your room and keep the rest of it with solid colours so you don’t end up with an eye sore.

The Spicy Red

The Venetian blinds in spicy red

Spicy red draws from the hues of exotic spices, and is a magical tool that can turn a boring grey room to a romantic and warm space and makes you feel happy and relaxed every time you walk in. In this room, the designer chose spicy red Venetian Blinds with a matching bed runner and complimented the decoration with a few red details around the room such as the bed cushion and the bean bag – A fabulous design, isn’t it?

The Beauty of Velvet

Velvet roman blinds and curtains

Velvet fabric has a luxurious appearance that made it a timeless element used in fashion and home decoration over the years. There were times where this beautiful fabric went off the market and got a bad reputation for being old-fashioned, but these were yesteryears. Today, velvet has made its way back in to the market and high street fashion thanks to the new developments in its fabric and the introduction of new modern and vibrant colours to its collection.

Remember, velvet is a very rich fabric so you want to use it in moderation. Focus on one or two elements only such as your window blinds, cushions or bed throw and keep the rest of the room neutral to create a beautiful balance.

Think of The Details

Roller blinds with finishing

If you are a fan of solid and simple colours but still want to make a statement, focus on the details. For example, choose a fancy finish to the bottom of your window blinds, such as round scallops, tis tassel or a Georgian bottom. If you have curtains fitted to your windows, you can create an interesting touch by adding unique tie backs.

Why not take a look at the ways you could spice up your rooms by a simple change of colour?

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