Curtain Poles & Tracks: Buyers Guide

Buying curtain poles & tracks can be confusing with so many options out there; but it doesn’t have to be. Once you get to grips with a few simple basics and make a few decisions then it will be easy to decide what option is best for your window.

Read on for our simple guide to buying curtain poles and tracks.

What are the Differences Between Curtain Poles and Tracks?

First; an explanation of the difference between curtain tracks and poles and why you may favour one over the other. Neither system is superior over the other; it comes down to personal taste and the type of curtains you wish to hang.

Curtain Tracks – Curtain tracks are usually quite simple as they are designed not to be seen. Usually made from plastic or metal, curtain tracks are for use with a particular type of curtain and are preferred by people who would rather not have a visible solution for hanging curtains.

The type of curtains you can hang on curtain tracks need to have header tape across the top. This tape is attached to the track with hooks. Curtain tracks are suitable for heavier curtain styles or a situation where the top section of the curtain is disguised (with a pelmet, for example).

Curtain Poles – Curtain poles come in a huge variety of materials and finishes, often with decorative finials on the ends. This is because curtain poles can be seen once your curtains are in place, so it is important to choose a design that fits your décor. Curtain poles can also be used to hang a wider variety of curtain styles.

Curtains suitable for poles includes tab top and eyelet style curtains. Pencil pleat curtains can also be hung on a pole, using rings to attach the curtain to the pole.

When you are choosing between either system it is important to consider the weight of your curtains. Heavy curtains can be hung on poles, but a wider diameter pole is more suitable, and metal tracks are available for heavy curtains.

Buying Curtain Poles & Tracks

Now that you know the difference between poles and tracks, here are some of the different types you can commonly find and that we stock here at Express Shutters, Blinds and Curtains.

Curtain tracks

  • Tracks for bay windows
  • Metal or plastic tracks
  • Corded or hand drawn tracks
  • Tracks for apex windows
  • Tracks for unusual shaped windows
  • Double tracks for hanging curtains and voile

Curtain Poles

  • Extendable poles
  • Wooden or metal poles
  • Poles for bay windows
  • Poles in a huge range of finishes
  • Accessories such as rings, tieback hooks and brackets

Because we stock such a wide range of options for hanging curtains, you are guaranteed to find an option suitable for your needs.

Of course, we are happy to measure your window and discuss which curtain pole and accessories will be most suitable for your requirements, curtains and personal taste. We can supply everything you need to be able to hang your curtains in a stylish way, including spares should you experience any damage in the future.

If you would like to see the full range in person, you can always pop into our showroom. Our team will be on hand to talk you through the different options and help guide you.

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