Curtains and Blinds Trends for 2019

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Spring has all but sprung and we are feeling fresh here at Express Curtains and Blinds. We all know that dreaded feeling of seeing your home in sunlight for the first time in months and noticing all the dirt and dull bits. So, what better way to brighten your home up then with a gorgeous new pair of curtains, or a sleek blind?

Let’s have a look at some of the big trends in 2019 and give you the inspiration you need to refresh your rooms.

Botanical Prints


The style world is still going crazy for botanical prints.

Fuelled by a growing awareness of environmental issues, people are keen to bring the outdoors in with large prints in rich, tonal greens.

As well as being in honour of the great outdoors, botanical prints also fit in with the opulence of the art deco era that is being echoed in current design trends.

Adding some curtains or roller blinds with patters of leaves, birds, or even jungle scenes will instantly make your room look fresh and on trend. Pair with gold accessories and tonal greens in your soft furnishings and you will be feeling tropical in no time.

Less is More

Totally at odds with the opulence of the botanical trend is a neutral, pared back style for 2019/2020.

Again, driven by an awareness of environmental issues, this trend focusses on sustainability and a return to nature.

Natural colours and fabrics are becoming big news. People are keeping walls and window dressings neutral and adding colour in their accessories and other soft furnishings.

Roller blinds suit this trend perfectly, because they are sleek and unfussy.

Consider playing with different tones of beige (rather surprisingly having a style moment) throughout your window dressings, walls, floor coverings, and furniture to create a sleek minimal look.

Living Coral

Back to colour! One way to update your curtains and blinds is to refresh the colour. We are absolutely in love with the Pantone Colour of The Year, Living Coral.

It goes with anything, whether that be the opulent botanical trend in your living room with a splash of Living Coral or a bright and funky and fresh feel in your kitchen with tonal panel blinds.

And because we can make express curtains in record time you can jump on this trend before it hits the mainstream. Have your new Living Coral curtains or blinds hanging in your house before anyone else and wow your guests.

Mix and Match Tones and Textures

The trend in neutral tones has led to an emergence of people combining textures and tones to create interest and effect.

If your room is in a neutral taupe or beige (no honestly, it is coming back) you can afford to go all out on colours and textures.

Mix and match colours and patterns in artwork and items such as vases and candle holders to create interest. But don’t go mad on the colour palette. Pick one of two colours and alter the tone, pattern and texture.

For example, have a range of throw cushions in shades of blue, coral, or whatever you fancy with different textures.

Or, have a sleek room with long curtains in a rich and textured fabric, like a brocade with gold thread, to add interest.

Have fun and play about with it. Don’t be afraid to clash your colours. A neutral room with beautifully dressed windows can handle it.

Marvellous Disney


You might have noticed that Marvel and Avengers films are all the rage right now. If you are into them and avidly go to all the films, you would probably be interested to know we have a range of Disney fabric to make the coolest blinds and curtains out of.

Or maybe you are more of a Star Wars™ fan? We have you covered there too!

This range of fabric is perfect for curtains and blinds in kids’ rooms or, if you are feeling adventurous, you own rooms!

Imagine cute (and safe) roman blinds in a Dumbo print for the nursery, or full-length curtains in your office made from this Star Wars™ battle scene fabric.

Have a look at the full range here.

Ready To Spruce Up Your Room?


Here at Express Curtains and Blinds we make gorgeous made to measure window dressings in a style that suits you.

And because they have an express turnaround service you can freshen the look of your home in no time at all.

You might think curtains and blinds are expensive, but we pride ourselves on delivering quality and value.

If you want to discuss getting made to measure curtains or blinds, give us a call on 01226 307367 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

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