Get Your Home Ready For Autumn

Autumn is approaching and the weather is getting slightly cooler and the days darker. Soon, your home will feel colder as well and you’ll need to put on more clothes or turn on the heating system.

In this article, we thought to highlight some very useful interior changes that can help you reduce your energy bill, create a cosier environment in your home and get you ready for the upcoming cold days.

More Layers on Your Windows


Your windows are one of the top causes of heat loss during cold days. They absorb the heat from the inside of your room and transmits it through to the outside. One of the effective ways to solve this issue and lock the heat in for longer is to install thermal or blackout Curtains or Blinds on your windows. They work as an extra layer of protection on your windows that prevents the heat from escaping and the cold weather from entering in to your room. They also add a beautiful touch to your interior and compliment your home decoration.

One of the most desired looks for this season is fitting a nice transparent voile underneath your thermal or blackout curtains. The voile adds an elegant and stylish touch to your windows while allowing the light to sneak in during mornings. The thermal curtains on the other hand play as an insulation layer that blocks the cold weather out during the night and provide you with full privacy.

Another way to style your windows is matching Roller or Roman Blinds with Curtains. Below are some examples of this interesting combination.

curtains and roman

For optimum results, choose Blinds or Curtains made with Honeycomb fabrics as they have the best thermal properties.



Cushions play a key role in changing the interior feeling of any room. They can create harmony by highlighting accent colours and bring a Summer or Winter feeling in with specific choices of fabrics. For Autumn, choose some cuddly and furry cushions with warm colours to create a cosy feeling in your room.

A rule of thumb is to never choose cushions with the same fabric and patterns of your sofas. If classic design dominates in your room, select 2 cushions only with contrasting colours for your sofa. For a more modern look, choose an odd number of cushions, ideally three or five depends on the size of your sofa, with different sizes and colours. This will create a fun and eye-catching look that shouts out your personality and compliments your interior.

We have an extensive experience in creating made to measure cushions and we can provide you with beautiful and high-quality cushions in any choice of fabric. Whether you choose a fabric from our range or provide us with a fabric of your own, we’ll be happy to provide you with made to measure cushions to complement your home, décor and personal tastes.

Invest in A Carpet


The floor in your house is responsible of up to 10% of your heat loss. This means a 10% increase in your energy bill. A thick wool carpet will add an extra insulation to the floor and help you reduce the heat loss. It’s also a beautiful piece of decoration in any room that brings in the nice cosy feeling of Autumn and keeps your feet warm throughout the cold season.

Blinds for Your Conservatory


If you have a conservatory attached to your home, it can be a great cause of the heat loss in your house. Your conservatory is mostly made of large glass windows and a plastic roof. Thus, it loses far more heat than a normal building with brick structure during the cold days and can be a reason for your increased energy bill in Winter.

One of the most effective ways of keeping your conservatory warm is to install thermal blinds to all its windows and roof. The blinds create a protective layer on your windows and helps to lock the heat in and the cold weather out. It also enhances the look and feel of your conservatory and catches the eyes of your guests. Here are some more tips to help you keep your conservatory warm during winter.

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