Glow in The Dark Blinds

Glow in the dark blinds

Kids have a great imagination which is a very important element in their development. They can build up characters, come up with new ideas and surprise you with impressive stories and scenarios. However, this limitless imagination could be one of the reasons why they might develop a fear of the dark or have trouble sleeping alone at night. In this article, we will explain why glow in the dark fabric is one of the best options to tackle this issue and provide a better sleeping environment for your kids.

Why Choose Glow in The Dark Blinds?

Glow in The Dark Blinds have a lovely and high-quality design that will complement the interior décor of your kids’ room. Their neutral colours and soft patterns will offer a soothing atmosphere in which they can enjoy playing and continue developing their imagination.

When it’s bedtime and lights are off, the patterns on these beautiful Blinds will glow. The comforting light will add enough brightness so fears of the dark can be kept at bay and will help your kid drift off to sleep. They will, however, stop glowing after a short period of time – approximately half an hour – depends on how much light they have absorbed during the day. This feature helps to ensure a dark environment for your kids throughout the rest of the night, which is essential to improve the quality of their sleep and wake them up the next morning full of energy, ready to learn and do new activities.

The Blinds also have a blackout lining, which means that they are not only great for long and dark Winter nights, but also during Summer where the sunlight can shine through your windows and make it hard for your kids to fall asleep.

These fabulous Blinds are available in Roller and Roman Blinds so you can choose what best suits your room décor and personal taste.

Child Safety Standards

All our Blinds are compatible with child safety standards and regulations. Our team is very keen to ensure that any cords or chains used to operate the blind are kept out of reach, and that the appropriate safety steps are taken. We install necessary safety equipment for all our customers free of charge.

We also offer two additional options to help you ensure the maximum safety for your kids. The first is cordless blinds, which operates by simply pulling the blind rather than relying on a cord or chain. The second is motorised blinds which operates by the touch of a button and can be controlled through a remote or a mobile application. These two options are classed as child safety compliant and do not require any addition child safety device.

Watch The Magic!

The photo below shows the beautiful and warm design of these unique Blinds. Despite their light colour, the fabric is fitted with a Blackout lining which will ensure better sleep quality for your children.

For maximum light blockage, you can choose to have this fabric on Cassette Roller Blinds, which are designed to provide the maximum blockage against sunlight and ensure that no light will sneak in to your child’s room during the day. This is especially beneficial for mid day naps and for the Summer months.


When lights are off, the stars will sparkle for about half an hour, providing an exciting, yet calming atmosphere for your children, helping them to sleep alone without fear of dark monsters.


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