How To Choose The Right Curtain Heading?

Curtains can completely transform the look of any room. But when buying or designing a new pair of curtains, there’s a lot to think about. You must decide on the right fabric, the perfect colour and of course, the curtain heading.

The curtain heading style will shape the curtains and determine how the curtains fall. Unless you’re a curtain expert (like ourselves!) choosing the right curtain heading style can be tricky. But it’s important if you want your curtains to look perfect. We have outlined some of the most popular curtain heading styles to give you a better understanding and help you decide.

Pencil Pleat heading example

Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading

Pencil pleat is the most popular curtain heading (although eyelet is rapidly growing in popularity too!). This classic curtain heading style comes in a range of sizes depending on the length and width of your curtains.

Pencil pleat curtain headings provide an elegant look, which suits any room! Better yet, pencil pleats are a great heading because they work well with a variety of fabrics and suit all types of tracks and poles.

Another benefit of a pinch pleat curtain heading is, you can pull the cord looser or tighter to adjust the gather of the curtains. The heading tape also has numerous rows (usually three) so you can easily adjust the hanging height of the curtain if it is hanging too high or low.

Eyelet curtain heading example

Eyelet Curtain Heading

Eyelet is fast becoming a popular curtain heading style for many modern homes. Eyelet curtain headings offer a contemporary look and a pretty, wave-like fall of the curtains.

They can be used with most fabrics and colours, but don’t work well with embroidered fabrics as the embroidery can fray around the edges of the eyelet holes. Eyelet curtain headings work extremely well with patterned fabric as they do not distort the material and the large, loose waves display the patterns incredibly well.

This no-fuss curtain heading style is simple to hang and easy to take down and clean. Also, eyelet curtains look great in living spaces as they let in little bursts of light.

wave curtain heading example

Wave Curtain Heading

Wave curtain headings are great if you’re thinking about having a show-stopping pattern or fabric. The specially designed heading tape features evenly-spaced gliders.

This creates a beautiful and contemporary wave-look when the curtains are closed and a neat and tidy look when the curtains are fully open. The loose folds in a wave curtain allow the bold patterns and colours to shine through.

Wave curtain headings have a slim, discreet track, meaning they can easily be fitted to the ceiling to create a spectacular floor-to-ceiling feature in any room. When paired with a traditional fabric and pattern, wave curtain headings can also create a classic, almost vintage look.

triple pinch pleat curtain heading example

Triple Pinch Pleat Curtain Heading

The triple pinch pleat curtain heading (also known as the French pleat) is considered a traditional curtain heading style. It requires slightly more fabric than other headings, but the finished look is opulent and elegant.

This type of heading must be made by hand but are surprising easy to hang. Triple pinch pleat curtain headings are more of a decorative heading and look amazing in a lounge or master bedroom. The heading makes the curtains hang in uniformed pleats, which works particularly well with longer curtains.

Triple pinch pleat curtain headings work better with plain fabrics rather than patterned fabrics as the heading will distort the pattern.

Other Curtain Header Styles

Although we have highlighted the most popular curtain header styles, there are many others. If you have a time-honoured home decorated with antiques and vintage pieces, you may prefer a goblet curtain heading. Goblet curtain headings create a traditional yet lavish style, which is sure to make a statement.

Or if you are looking for lightweight curtains that are more for display than practicality, you might opt for a tab top curtain heading. Tab top curtain headings are simple, cost-effective and easy to hang. However, they don’t open and closer very easily, meaning they’re better for display curtains that aren’t closed regularly.

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