London Fashion Week: Window Dressing Trends To Watch

London Fashion Week

2019’s London Fashion Week is in full swing and the hottest trends of the season are being paraded down catwalks left, right and centre. With one of the world’s largest fashion shows currently showcasing this year’s best trends, we thought it would be a great time to look into window dressing trends. You may be surprised by the similarities between fashion and home interior trends.

Trends From London Fashion Week So Far

We’re only halfway through the famous London Fashion Week, yet we’ve already spotted some amazing trends, all of which can be channelled into your home design!

One thing we’ve noticed, not just from the catwalk but also from London’s street style, is that bold prints such as Snakeskin are here to stay. Now, we’re not saying you should invest in a snakeskin window dressing, but you certainly shouldn’t shy away from bold prints.

A bold window dressing such as Curtains in an eye-catching print can create a spectacular feature in any room. It’s perfect if you’re looking to alter the look of the room without spending too much money.

Bright colours and eccentric designs have also made an appearance at this years London Fashion Week, especially during the Matty Bovan show. And it just so happens that blinds and curtains in vibrant, block colours are in for 2019. And they don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Vibrant peach, teal and even lemon shades have been popular colours this season. So, if you’re looking to brighten up your home, a bright and colourful window dressing might do the trick. A brightly coloured Blind is perfect for the kitchen or a child’s bedroom.

Victoria Beckham made a statement with her show at London Fashion Week. The fashion designer and beauty mogul featured an array of Camel hues and autumnal tones from her new collection.

Similarly, natural, earthy tones are currently a big trend for window dressings. Gone are the days of monochrome. People are now opting for warm, earthy tones such as camel, creams, beiges, tan and browns when choosing their window dressing. Neutral Blinds or Curtains are great as they can be paired with a variety of colours.

Other Window Dressing Trends To Watch This Year

As Autumn races by, many people are beginning to think about sprucing up their home before the crazy Christmas period is sprung upon us. Doesn’t it seem like the festive season starts earlier every year! If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home with a new window dressing, you’re going to want Curtains or Blinds that are on trend!

Green Is Still In

Green has been HUGE in the world of interior design. It was a popular trend during the Spring, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. Olive green Curtains or Blinds look great against a neutral background. Green is also a calming colour, which will look amazing when complimented with plants.

Energy Saving Window Dressings

As the cooler weather creeps in, you may be looking to save on your energy bill. Lined Curtains and blinds, especially thermal lined Curtains, are great at blocking out cold drafts and keeping the heat in the room.

Investing in quality, lined window dressings can help you regulate the room temperature in your home and will prevent you from wasting energy.

Bedroom Shutters

Shutters are incredibly functional and are great for controlling light, maintaining privacy and ventilating a room. Not only that, but Shutters are also on trend and stylish! Shutters look great in any bedroom. Neutral coloured shutters look amazing with any décor and make a practical yet elegant feature when paired with the right pair of Curtains. Sheer fabrics work particularly well with shutters.

Need Help Choosing A Window Dressing?

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