Why It’s Important to Shop Local


In almost every location around the UK, large chains retailers and high street shops are taking over the marketplace, making it very difficult for small businesses to find their way in to the market and survive. In recent years, people have become more aware of the negative impact of those large retailers on local economies and the importance of shopping local. In this article, we will highlight the top five reasons why you should consider changing your shopping habits and focus on local businesses.

Support Your Local Economy

When you spend money on independent local shops, more money stays and circulate within the community. The shops owners are more likely to get their products from other local suppliers and service providers. They will also spend their money back in other local shops, pubs, restaurants and charities. Supporting local businesses also means that you are helping your neighbours and community members to keep their jobs and sustain their income. The community members will then put their money back in to local businesses and so on. This will eventually serve to strengthen the economic foundation of your community and make it a better place to live in.

Know the People Behind Products

Local businesses are run by people you might know. It could be a neighbour, a friend of a friend, someone who lives down the street or in the next neighbourhood. This adds a warm, welcoming touch to your shopping experience and help you to build a long relationship with shops owners so they know exactly what you want or what suits you the best next time they see you.

Personalised Service

You might want something to be delivered on a weekend, fitted on a Saturday or after 6pm. You might need a service but don’t know which one is best for you or fit your needs. Local shop owners and their teams know a lot about your community and are more likely to recommend the best products and services that suits your needs. They might also offer you some exception and personalise the service to fit your circumstances when needed. They are keen to keep their customers happy and maintain their positive reputation within the community.

Think of The Environment

Local shops are more likely to get their products from local suppliers. Food products might have a shorter shelf life but they are usually healthier and more environment friendly. And whether food products or other goods, they likely didn’t travel from far away, such as from another country or continent, to reach your area and are usually not wrapped in many layers of plastic. The shops and products’ showrooms are located near your neighbourhood, which means you cut down unnecessary transportations on both ways: When you visit the showroom to view the products and when the shop workers visit your house to fit them for you.

Local shops buy their products in small quantities compared to large retailers, and as such may mean they are more expensive for them to buy but it also means they are usually more conscious about waste and try to reduce it as much as possible. For example, here at our factory we produce bespoke window dressings which means that we cut fabrics according to certain measurements rather than bulk producing. We then use the small pieces of fabrics to make bespoke cushions and other soft furnishings that are unique to our clients and compliment the interior decor of their homes.

Keep Your Community Unique

Buying local means helping local businesses to grow and thrive, become more experienced in what they are doing and attract more customers from neighbouring communities. Eventually, more money will be invested in your community and the more popular and financially healthier it’ll become. This will help to create its unique identity and make it a better place to live and thrive in.

Learn more about our local factory in Barnsley and the great team behind our showroom on this page.

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