The Benefits of Blinds AND Curtains

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The combination of blinds and curtains is becoming increasingly popular. Blinds and curtains work together to offer a solution that is both stylish and practical.

So, before you start weighing up the pros and cons of blinds OR curtains, perhaps consider having both! Having both curtains and blinds offers an array of benefits and looks amazing in almost every room.

Blocking Out Light

If you love to be in complete darkness when you’re going to sleep, blinds and curtains will help you achieve a pitch-black bedroom. Scientific studies show that cutting out light will help you get a full night of quality sleep without interruptions to the body clock.

Not only will blinds and curtains induce the feeling of being relaxed and help you fall to sleep, but the combination of the two will also block out the daylight and prevent you from waking up as soon as the sun rises. This is particularly useful during the summer months when the sun rises earlier.

As well as blocking out the light, blinds and curtains are also great for controlling the light. Depending on the material, curtains are either blocking most of the light out or letting it all in. Whereas blinds provide a great level of lighting control. Together, you have plenty of options when it comes to how much light you would like in the room.

Complete Privacy

Although made to measure blinds are great at controlling the light, they cannot always guarantee complete privacy the same way curtains can.

If you live on a busy road or your home is positioned so passers-by can look directly into your windows, privacy will be a big issue for you. The combination of blinds and curtains allows you to have complete privacy without blocking out all the light, this is particularly useful in bedrooms and dressing rooms.

Regulate Temperature

It’s amazing how well-covered windows can change the temperature of your room.

During the winter months, having blinds and curtains is sure to cut down your heating bill. Blinds and curtains together will prevent the heat from escaping and retain the warmness of the room despite the low temperatures outside.

In summer, the direct sunlight can make an already warm room, far hotter. The combination of blinds and curtains gives you the option to block out some of the sunlight and cool the room down without making the room completely dark. They will also help to regulate the temperature of the room and the whole house.

Stylish Yet Practical

Having curtains and blinds together is both practical and stylish, for example, you can enjoy the sophistication and style that comes with curtains while benefiting from the varied lighting and privacy control of blinds.

The combination of curtains and blinds can create a stylish window dressing if the two complement each other and the room equally. Avoid patterns on patterns, colours that clash and fabric overloads.

For example, if you have a plain blind, opt for a patterned, textured pair of curtains. Or if you have chosen a statement black-out-blind, pair it with sheer curtains that will complement the blind.

Blinds and curtains together also offer a practical solution when it comes to looking after them. Blinds are easy to look after as they can often be wiped down and curtains can be decoratively drawn back using tiebacks to give an elegant frame around the window.

Blinds are practical as they block out the light to varying degrees as required and offer a varied level of privacy, and an attractive pair of curtains framing the blinds can be fully closed for total darkness and high levels of insulation.

Thanks to the abundance of patterns, textures and fabrics, blinds and curtains can completely change the appearance of your home. The are alo usually made from high-quality, durable fabrics meaning they last years.

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