The Benefits of PVC Blinds

PVC blinds

One of the things that people sometimes overlook when choosing the right Blinds or Curtains for their homes is the type of fabric they need to consider for different environments.

For example, you might want to consider a blackout linen for your bedrooms’ Curtains or Blinds so you can enjoy a better sleep quality, especially during Summer. You might also want to choose PVC fabric for your bathroom and kitchens’ window dressings for better durability and easier maintenance. In this article, we will explain what PVC fabric is and its main benefits.

What is PVC fabric?

Polyvinyl Chloride fabric, also known as PVC or Vinyl, is a synthetic fabric that is famous for being very resilient, waterproof and fire redundant. This hard-wearing fabric is commonly used across a broad variety of applications, including sport clothing, shower curtains, outdoor covers, patio awnings and window dressings.

PVC benefits

PVC fabric has many benefits that makes it the ideal choice for your bathrooms and kitchen’s window dressings and other spaces where such durable fabric is preferable:

1- PVC is a very resilient and durable fabric that is naturally waterproof. Thus, it can withstand the humid conditions in your bathroom and survive the mix of cooking steam in your kitchen.

2- Its waterproof characteristic along with its slick and very easy to clean surface will ensure that your window dressing will not absorb the pesky cooking smells in your kitchen and will look fresh and clean all the time.

3- PVC fabric is also heat and fire retardant, making it the perfect choice for applications where heat and fire are a concern.

4- It is also available in blackout options.

PVC designs

PVC fabric is available in a wide range of colours and trending designs, from plain to geometric and quirky symbols. It can have a shiny or matte finish, allowing you to set the right atmosphere in your home.

Here’s an example from our newest collection of PVC fabrics.

PVC fabrics

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