The Right Window Covers For Your Kitchen

Window Dressing For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many households, it is the room in which you cook, dine, entertain guests and spend time with your family. In fact, studies show that we spend 60% of our day in the kitchen. So, it’s understandable that you want your kitchen to look spectacular. When it comes to dressing the windows, deciding on kitchen Shutters, Blinds or Curtains can be difficult.

Pros and Cons Of Kitchen Shutters

Shutters are an often-overlooked type of window dressing. The majority of people tend to opt for Blinds or Curtains to dress their windows. However, Shutters can offer an attractive and practical alternative to Blinds and Curtains; particularly in the kitchen.

Kitchen Shutters offer heat insulation, which is beneficial in both Summer and Winter. In the summer, you can open the windows while keeping the kitchen shutter panels shut. This will provide a lovely flow of air through the room whilst simultaneously keeping the heat from the sun out. During the winter, the wooden panels are great for keeping the heat in, especially in large country-style kitchens or open-plan kitchen-diners which aren’t always easy to keep warm.

Shutters are a particularly good choice for kitchen windows as the durable material makes them easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about your kitchen Shutters getting splashed with food stains or water, and they wont hold onto any cooking odours. This easy-to-clean element also makes kitchen Shutters a great choice for people with allergies. Kitchen Shutters can be easily wipe down with a damp cloth, preventing dust from building up.

Another benefit of choosing kitchen Shutters is the light control element they offer. Café-style Shutters are especially great for controlling the light as you can have the bottom half of the window screened with the top part entirely open to let in plenty of daylight.

Kitchen Shutters are a great and sensible choice for family homes with young children as they are pull cord free, durable and easy to maintain.

There are very few cons to choosing Shutters as your kitchen window dressing. Kitchen Shutters tend to be more costly than Blinds, so they may not be your first choice if you are on a budget.

Also, Shutters have to be fitted to the window itself, meaning they take up a lot of space. If you like using your kitchen windowsills for storage, Shutters may not be the right choice for you.

Pros And Cons Of Kitchen Blinds

Blinds have an array of benefits and are the most popular type of kitchen window dressing. They come in a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns meaning there is always something to suit the style and theme of your kitchen.

Also, kitchen Blinds are available at varied price ranges, making them affordable for anyone. Like Shutters, kitchen Blinds are easy to clean. Many Blind materials have a type of moisture-resistant, waterproof seal so they can be wiped down and will not absorb cooking odours.

Roller Blinds are the most popular type of kitchen Blind as they are simple, easy to maintain and can transform the look of your kitchen. Roller Blinds cover kitchen windows with a single piece of fabric that can be designed in a pattern, colour and fabric of your choosing.

If you use your windowsill for storage, kitchen Blinds are a great choice as you can easily adjust your blind to create the space you need.

There are very few disadvantages to opting for kitchen Blinds. If you opt for plastic or aluminium Blinds with individual slats, the slats can be easily bent or damaged and are not easy to repair. Also, Blinds are less efficient that Shutters or Curtains at keeping heat in a room.

Pros And Cons Of Kitchen Curtains

With their many patterns, colours and fabrics, Curtains can completely transform the look of any room. However, while kitchen Curtains can be pretty, they tend to be the least popular form of window dressing.

Unlike Shutters and Blinds, Curtains are the least practical window dressing for a kitchen, especially as most kitchen windows are over the sink.

Unfortunately, Curtains are not always easy to clean as they usually have to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. The kitchen is the one room in the house where Curtains are likely to get splashed with food and water.

That’s not to say that you cannot have Curtains in your kitchen. If you have an open-plan kitchen-dining area, a combination of Curtains with Blinds or Shutters will work incredibly well. You could hang a pair of gorgeous bespoke Curtains on the dining side of the room where they are less likely to encounter splashes and stains and then have a blind or Shutters on the kitchen side.

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