Three different Types of Awnings for Your Patio

Patio awning

Summer is finally here and many people are now busy setting up their outdoor space to take advantage of this beautiful sunny weather. One of the great options you have to transform the look and feel of your patio is to add a stylish awning.

Benefits of awnings

  • Adding an awning to your patio will help to create a more liveable space so that you can relax and enjoy the sunny weather longer, especially when it’s too hot outside. It also provides shade and shelter for little children, allowing them to safely play outside without being exposed directly to harmful UV rays for long hours.
  • Awnings are beautiful, stylish and can increase the value of your home in the market, especially for buyers who appreciate the outdoor space and looking for houses that offer them such valuable addition.

As most of the heat and cold are gained through your house’ windows, having an awning in your garden will create a barrier in front of your windows and keep the burning sunlight from entering your room.

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Types of awnings

When it comes to your garden, there are three types of awnings you can choose from, all of which are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns and colours to help you create a unique outdoor space that shouts out your personality.

1- Retractable awnings

Many people would love to have an awning, to allow them to sit outdoors in the heat but also be in the shade, yet at the same time being able to enjoy the direct sunshine in their garden and through their windows when desired. If you are one of these people, then retractable awnings are for you. These awnings can be retracted into a neat, wall-mounted cassette at any time either manually or with the click of a button; these are called motorised retractable awnings. Awnings are suitable for light showers but should not be used as a rain shelter. The awning is usually closed when it’s not needed and thus, the fabric is protected from the elements, damage and wear and tear.

2- Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings (also called Patio awnings or Pergolas) are for those people who want a permanent shelter in their garden from both the blistering sunlight in Summer and rain showers in Winter. This type of awning is usually made from durable fabrics that can withstand the various weather conditions. They come with Permanently fixed poles in front for extra support and durability.

3- Free-standing double awnings

Many people appreciate flexibility, and if you are looking for awning options that don’t involve fixing and fitting to your house walls and can be positioned anywhere in the garden, then free-standing awnings are the best option for you.

A free-standing awning allows you to create different seating options in your landscape; whether on the lawn, patio, or next to your pool or hot tub. These awnings are manufactured using a free-standing structure and two awnings mounted back to back. The main structure can also be equipped with wheels to make it easier for people to move it around as they wish.

Awning accessories

Many of the above-mentioned awnings are available with integrated led lights and/or heating unit. The lights will help you to create a very unique and romantic outdoor space while the heating unit will keep you warm and cosy, allowing you to enjoy longer evenings with your family and friends outside.

Motorised awnings can come with additional, really useful features such as wind, rain and light sensors. These sensors will automatically retract and extend your awning depending on weather conditions. For example, if high winds are detected the wind sensor will retract your awning to protect it from damage and increase its durability. If strong sunshine is detected, the light sensor will extend your awning to keep the sun light from entering your room. This helps cool down your house temperature while at the same time offers you a pleasant outdoor environment that you can enjoy immediately without worrying about opening and closing your awning.

What about guarantee?

We offer 2-years-guarantee on all our awnings, allowing you to enjoy your new awning and relax knowing you have reliable protection from Express Shutters, Blinds and Curtains.

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Here are some beautiful awnings to inspire you:

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