What’s The Difference Between An Awning And A Canopy?

What is the difference between Canopy & Awning?

What’s The Difference Between An Awning And A Canopy?

Are you looking for the perfect shelter, to allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round?

Both awnings and canopies provide you with luxury. From the summer heat to rain in winter, they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

But, what’s the difference between an awning and a canopy?

The difference between an awning and a canopy lies in the structure. An awning is made of fabric and typically attached to a building, home or business. A canopy, on the other hand, is a free-standing fixture that can be used in multiple settings due to its portability.

Over the years, both awnings and canopies have been confusing people, they both have similar benefits and are typically interchangeable in speech. This blog aims to bring clarity to the situation.

What is an Awning?

Unlike canopies, awnings are usually a permanent fixture. Once installed to the outside of your building, they don’t require you to disassemble them after use.

Awnings are widely used in commercial settings on the front of businesses, for example, shopfronts and restaurants. For domestic use, they’re very popular on patios or porches that attract a lot of sunlight.

Awnings overhang the attached area with no vertical support coming from the floor. This can be seen as one of its disadvantages as you’re limited in size, with this in mind a canopy would be the best option.

On the other hand, we see its lack of support as one of its advantages. They’re the perfect option for areas of little space, or for creating shade and protection.

For domestic use, an awning can be the difference between enjoying your outdoor space or not. From protecting you and your furniture from all weathers to acting as a dry storage space for wet or muddy equipment, you can be sure the area will be a comfortable one for all.

Commercially awnings can make a huge difference to the exterior of your business. As well as having the practical benefits we mentioned previously, an awning can make the architectural design and colouring stand out from the competition, especially in cafés.

What is a Canopy?

The biggest difference between an awning and a canopy is that it’s freestanding. Canopies are a portable structure that provide shelter to an outdoor area.

The beauty of canopies is they’re very flexible in terms of size, meaning they can be used in multiple settings.

Bigger than awnings, canopies aren’t restricted in size. They’re larger structures made from durable & waterproof fabric, have a metal frame, and are supported by vertical posts.

Canopies are perfect for providing shelter from sunlight and rain. A freestanding canopy can come in any bespoke size, meaning you’re only limited to the area you want to use it in.

For home use, they’re suitable for BBQs, parties, and celebrations. Commercially, they can be used all year round in pubs for beer gardens or smoking shelters.

Because they’re portable, they can be easily put up and down making them perfect for camping, festivals, the beach, and outdoor sports/events. Alternatively, on a larger scale, they provide enough shelter for outdoor weddings with a dining space and dance area.

Awnings And Canopies From Express Shutters Blinds And Curtains

With clarity on the situation, you should now be able to tell the difference between an awning and a canopy and come to a conclusion about which type of product is best suited to your home or business.

We have an array of styles available, including:

  • Porch awnings
  • Patio awning
  • Garden awnings
  • Door canopies
  • Patio canopies
  • Sun canopies
  • Porch canopies
  • Garden canopies

Bespoke Awnings and Canopies

Here at Express Curtains and Blinds, we make outstanding made to measure awning or canopies.

You have total freedom over the size, design, and functionality of your awning or canopy.

Because we make our products at our South Yorkshire workshop, we can make a completely bespoke design that suits you or your business.

Get In Touch

Our comprehensive service includes consultation, design, and fitting of your canopy or awning.

Our experienced sales team will be more than happy to fulfil your requirements, personally looking after you from initial consultation through to order fulfillment.

We will measure your space, discuss the use and what you want to achieve with your awning or canopy. Sample fabric books and additional functionalities will be discussed to complete your design.

All of our awnings and canopies come with a 2-year guarantee and a full aftercare service.

If that sounds of interest to you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’d like to visit us, our super showroom is open to the public Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm and Saturday 9 am – 4 pm. For additional tips or advice then head over to our blog page.

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