Why Choose Made to Measure Curtains

why choose made to measure curtains

When it comes to redecorating or sprucing up the home, the windows are a big deal. The windows are a focal point in any room, particularly in the living room and bedroom. Having the right window dressing can completely transform the look of the room. If you want to get the perfect look, you should consider made to measure Curtains.

Although ready made Curtains are simple and cost-effective, made to measure Curtains offer an additional array of advantages. They provide a sense of personalisation and perfection that you just can’t achieve with off-the-shelf curtains.

Get Precise Measurements With Made To Measure Curtains

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. More so in older houses, where there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why the windows are a particularly unusual size.

So, many people struggle to find curtains that perfectly fit their windows. Either they’re too short and don’t look quite as effective, or they’re two long and gather on the floor. Some people even struggle to find Curtains wide enough for their windows.

One of the biggest benefits of made to measure Curtains is that they are designed and hand-made to seamlessly fit your window or match your desired measurements. Even if you require an unusual size or want floor to ceiling Curtains, made to measure Curtains can be made to your specific requirements.

Find Your Perfect Style With Made To Measure Curtains

Another benefit of made to measure Curtains is the wide variety of options to choose from. With ready-made Curtains, you are limited to the colours, fabrics and patterns in the shop. And it can be challenging to find the style which represents your personality and enhances the décor in the room.

Thankfully, with made to measure Curtains, you have a huge range of quality fabrics, patterns and colours to choose from. You can opt for a bold print that really makes a statement, or you could choose a soft, pastel colour that blends seamless whilst complimenting the other colours in the room.

The type of fabric is incredibly importance when it comes to Curtains. A lot of ready-made curtains can look cheap and boring due to the fabric they have been made with.

With made to measure Curtains, you can choose from a selection of gorgeous fabrics, which are all high quality. As well as choosing the fabric, colour and pattern of the Curtains, you can also choose which curtain header you want!

Block Out Noise And Light With Made To Measure Curtains

When you opt for made to measure Curtains, you have a choice of linings to choose from including standard, bump, blackout and thermal.

Blackout made to measure Curtains effectively block out light and keep the room darker for longer. This makes them great for the bedroom. Studies show that sleeping in a dark room helps you get a better night’s sleep. Made to measure blackout Curtains block out natural sunlight in the morning, as well as street-lights and car headlights during the night.

Blackout made to measure Curtains are also great at blocking out some noises. If you live on a busy road, or in a noisy area, you should certainly consider made to measure Curtains. Because made to measure Curtains are made with thicker fabrics and are fully-lined with quality material, they can help to reduce the amount of noise that enters the room.

Regulate Room Temperature With Made To Measure Curtains

It may come as a surprise, but you can actually save on your heating bill by choosing made to measure Curtains. Particularly black out or thermal lined Curtains.

During the winter months, made to measure Curtains help to trap the heat in the room and block out any drafts that may be fighting their way in through the window. Similarly, in the summer months, blackout made to measure Curtains block the sunlight from entering the room and help keep the room cool.

Get Matching Accessories With Made To Measure Curtains

When you opt for ready-made curtains, it can be really difficult to find matching accessories such as tie-backs and cushions. But with made to measure Curtains, you can have matching accessories made in the exact same colour and fabric. So, you can have beautiful scatter cushions for the bed or couch that perfectly match your new Curtains!

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Here at Express Curtains and Blinds, we make outstanding made to measure window dressings including Blinds and Curtains.

Choose from an array of styles, fabrics, designs and colours to create the perfect bespoke Curtains to suit your home. We also offer a range of bespoke soft furnishings including cushions and tie-backs, meaning you can tailor your bedroom to match your stylish new Curtains.

We have an express turnaround service, meaning you can change the look of your home in no time at all. You might think Curtains are expensive, but we pride ourselves on delivering quality and value.

We also have a super showroom if you fancy popping in. We are open to the public Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm.

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