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Child Safety

Legislation was passed in February 2014 to protect babies and small children from accidents or strangulation by making that all blinds installed in are fitted in a child safe manner. This is required whether children live in the home or not. We take child safety very seriously at Express Shutters Blinds and Curtains and understand that young children can be very inquisitive, which is why it is so important that any cords or chains that are used to operate the blind are kept out of reach, and that the appropriate safety steps are taken. We install necessary safety equipment for all our customers free of charge.

Please find below important information regarding the child safety devices on our products:

Cordless Blinds

Blinds that are cordless eliminate the risk of possible hazards such as becoming tangled in a cord or chain, while still providing the necessary function you require from your blinds. They are usually operated by simply pulling the blind, rather than relying on a cord or chain. These are classed as child safety compliant and do not require any addition child safety device.

Some blinds can be motorised which also eliminates the cord, and are operated using a remote control.

Mono Wands

Our vertical blinds can be operated by a wand which makes it child safety compliant without addition child safety devices. The wand is use to open and close your blind as well as being twisted to operate the louvres.


Child Safety Devices

For both your new and existing blinds, certain accessories can be fitted in order to make them as safe as possible. The chains and cords used to operate a blind can be anchored down no lower than 150cm from the floor which prevents risk to children. These are also beneficial as they prevent cords and chains from becoming tangled or flapping in the wind.

Breakaway Connectors

Breakaway chain connectors can be applied to the chain of a blind. With this type of safety device, if more pressure than is necessary to operate the blind is applied to the chain, the connector will break apart. To reconnect the device, it simply clicks onto the chain again for easy-use.

Blind Cleat

A cleat can be used to neatly tidy away the cord for a blind, keeping it out of reach for any children. The cleat is attached to the wall at a height above 150cm from the floor and the cord can be wrapped around it in a figure of eight motion.

Cord Stops

A cord stop can be found on Venetian blinds and Roman Blinds and much like the breakaway connector, it starts to work when unnecessary pressure is applied to the cord. To reconnect the device, isimply place the cords back between the cord stop and click them shut.


A chain tensioner, like the cleat, is another form of safety device that is attached to the wall. The idea is that it keeps the blind chain anchored to the wall, which prevents any risk to children. This also prevents tchain and cords becoming tangled and stops them flapping in the wind.

Find Out More

If you wish to know more about child safety legislation please visit https://www.makeitsafe.org.uk/



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