How Curtains and Blinds Can Keep Your House Cool This Summer


In this blog, we’re going to explain how you can keep your house cool using your curtains and blinds.

This week, there has been numerous news articles about the heatwave that is expected to hit Europe over the next few weeks. Apparently, some parts of the UK will see temperatures of up to 35 degrees (yikes that’s hot!).

We don’t get weather like that very often in the UK, which means we don’t have fancy air conditioning systems or fans in our homes. But if the scorching summer of 2018 is anything to go by, the recent news articles may well be correct – we may have a super-hot summer coming up.

Thankfully, your curtains and blinds can do a great job of keeping your house cool this summer.

Keep Your Blinds And Curtains Closed

It may seem pretty obvious but blocking the sunlight can prevent your home from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

You should close the curtains and blinds during the day when the sun is at its strongest to block the direct sunlight. Then, open the curtains and the windows in the evening once the sun has set so that the room gets a good dose of cooler air from the open window. This will regulate the room temperature, after all, nobody likes to be too hot in bed!

Black out blinds and curtains are particularly great at keeping the light and heat out of a room. And black out curtains and blinds don’t have to be boring, block/dark colours. They now come in a range of fabrics, patterns and colours.

Choose The Right Curtains And Blinds

All curtains and blinds are great for controlling the light and regulating the room temperature, but some are better than others.

Venetian blinds for example, are particularly amazing. When partially open, venetian blinds allow you to block the direct path of the sunlight without blocking the flow of fresh air. Vertical blinds have a similar effect.

Roman blinds are also a great choice for regulating room temperature. You can close them half or three quarters of the way so that they’re blocking the direct sunlight, whilst leaving them partially open at the bottom so the room isn’t completely dark. Roman blinds also come in a range of blackout fabrics.

Shutters are also excellent for keeping your home cool. Shutters are very popular in hot countries at they keep the rooms cool without blocking out any light.

Shutters to keep you cool

Combine Curtains And Blinds

The combination of blinds and curtains is now more stylish than ever. And it gives you the option to block out some of the sunlight and cool the room down without making the room dark.

This is great for when you have friends or family round during the summer. The combination of blinds and curtains will regulate the temperature of the room and the whole house.

Open The Windows

Even if your curtains and blinds are shut throughout the house, be sure to open a few windows.

Opening the windows will not increase the temperature as the sunlight isn’t directly shining into your home. Instead, opening the windows will create a steady flow of fresh air through the home and prevent it from getting stuffy.

Tip: Keep the windows shut when you’re cutting the grass! Hay fever can ruin a lovely summers day.

Other Tips For Keeping Your House Cool This Summer

Having curtains and blinds will go a long way in regulating the temperature and keeping your house cool this summer. You can also:

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs – Traditional light bulbs give off heat, which wont matter so much in a large room but can really raise the temperature in a small space.
  • Turn off electrical appliances – If you’re not using it, turn it off! Electrical gadgets generate unwanted heat.
  • Opt for cotton bedding – Cotton is a breathable fabric which won’t trap heat and will keep you cool during the summer months.
  • Cook outside – Did someone say BBQ?! The oven throws out a lot of heat, which isn’t great when the temperature is already uncomfortably hot. So, cook outside instead!

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As well as providing privacy and looking stylish, curtains and blinds can regulate the room temperature and keep your home cool during the summer months.

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